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Boat Insurance, confused?

Boat Insurance can be overwhelming.

Understanding what insurance cover, you need for your Boat can be complex, particularly as boats generally are very diverse assets, largely dependent upon the individual owner. It can be devastating if you get it wrong, so it does pay to have an Insurance Broker on your side who knows Boats and Boat Insurance.

As your Insurance Broker, I work for you, not the Insurers. Utilising my 25 years Marine Underwriting experience in Boat Insurance, I’ll take the hard work out of getting the right cover for you, arrange the policy  and manage the administration of any  claims if and when you need to claim.

For a free, no obligation assessment of your current insurance arrangements, please contact me on 0439 771 109 or via email

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Marine Surveys

It’s a common question asked, why do insurers need a marine survey?

Insurers are increasingly insisting on more frequent surveys being provided to confirm a boat’s general condition.

I can’t see this requirement changing.

While yes, it adds another cost to owning a boat, the survey does provide a level of independant proof to the insurer that the boat is an acceptable risk on their books.

Often the survey becomes a vital piece of evidence from the boat owner’s perspective when it comes to substantiating loss or damage.

As the Australian commercial and recreational fleet becomes incrementally older each year, there is a valid argument for making surveys more common.

It’s also important to understand where your vessel sits in terms of age and its insurability – this varies from policy to policy with some insurers refusing to cover a vessel more than 20 years old.

Undertaking a vessel survey often is an effective strategy for managing insurable age requirements.

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Yacht Race Cover

This is an area where a specialist broker can really help you out.

The question is actually far more detailed than “does your policy provide cover for competing in yacht races?”.

It might apply to a race undertaken in a specific area such as club events on Moreton Bay. That will have different ramifications to races in Hamilton or Airlie Beach race weeks which in turn will be regarded differently to a major bluewater race such as Sydney-Hobart.

Are you insuring for a series or just a single race?

I also know of a case where a businessman left the job of insuring his boat up to the company’s in-house accountant. As a result, he paid higher race yacht premiums for three years, when he never even competed in a single race.

His accountant should have changed the cover back to ‘normal use’.

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Are you insured correctly?

Greetings fellow boaties – I just love Manly in the morning… a lot of boats, a lot of marine infrastructure – it’s a magnificent sight.

But I can guarantee that some of the people who own those very boats and who think they are fully covered by insurance are not. At least not to the level that they expect, should things go pear-shaped.

Yes, they pay their premiums on time.. yes, they are with a known insurer. And yes, they think they know the value of their boat. So what could be the problem?

It’s a fair question, but there are at least four very common traps in marine insurance…

In this article, we’ll discuss…

Agreed Value vs Market Value

The biggest bone of contention about marine insurance arises from people not really understanding how items are valued in the event of loss or damage. Something goes wrong – you’re expecting a new boat but you feel like you’ve been cast adrift in a sea of loss and legal argument. So let’s zero in on Agreed Value and Market Value.